Stitches and More

Stitches and More
She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands... Proverbs 31:13

Friday, December 16, 2016

A Quick Update

Two days after I last posted I needed emergency surgery to remove my appendix.  And, it happened on a Saturday at midnight!  No fun! But everything went well and I am fine.

Two weeks after that DH and I went on a 3 week trip that we had been planning all summer.  Wasn't sure that we'd get to go because of my surgery, but we just took it easy and I didn't do any heavy lifting, so was OK.  Our destination was England and Scotland.  We'd been to England twice before, but this was the first time to Scotland. We loved it!  Had a lovely trip and got to see a lot. Spent several days on either end of the trip in London, and  made our way to York, Durham and Newcastle, and Edinburgh.

We spent Thanksgiving in CA with daughter, SIL, and our little 2 year old granddaughter.  Hard to believe that she is already 2.  She is so much fun!  And she is so smart and talks up a storm. Each time we go it's so hard to leave for home.

I've been doing some cross stitching but still am enjoying my knitting and crocheting.  I have been following Lucy at Attic 24 for some time, and just love her use of color!  There is a new CAL beginning in January and I decided to order yarn and join in.  My yarn arrived this morning from the UK and the colors are just gorgeous!  I can't wait to start!

 Here it is:

 Came from Wool Warehouse:

 Yarn was packed in a fabric bag:

Don't you just love these colors!

 That's about it for now.  I'll be back with some pics of my recent finishes.  Thanks for stopping by!

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